Embracing and Restoring the Family

About Project er inc

The history of the Project ER, Inc began the year 2015 when a solid catalyst was needed to carry on the work of the Ironwood Co-op Community Awareness Organization which dissolved their operations in 2004. The neighborhood needing an organization to be a voice for their well-being and best interest.


Hello I’m Passion Jones the founder of Toledo Dream Queens. TDQ was established in 2017. As a younger child I danced in a Eastside Community Dance Team called the “Classy Steppers”. I was instructed by a wonderful woman Mary Wilson. We

had a blast from building sisterhood to preparing us for the future. As I got older I had 2 younger children & I knew I wanted a positive life for them as I do for other young girls around the world so I decided to establish my own Dance Team. TDQ started



Project ER Inc

A possible opportunity to add another life-line for the families in our neighborhood. The vision for this vacant unused building would be to convert it and the large vacant lot

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