About us

The history of the Project ER, Inc began the year 2015 when a solid catalyst was needed to carry on the work of the Ironwood Co-op Community Awareness Organization which dissolved its operations in 2004.

The neighborhood needed an organization to be a voice for their well-being and best interest. In stepping up and taking this mission on it became an opportunity to maintain the progress that was being made.

Since the work has restarted several strong and useful lifelines have been added to the neighborhood and vital programs that are strengthening the families such as:

JD Carter Community Garden

Collaboration with the Youth Opportunity Program

Partnership with the City of Toledo to adopt the Edgar Holmes Park

By having these 3 major neighbor components, we have been able to incorporate a very strong and successful catalyst that brings about meaningful growth and positive results.

Also, it has given us the tool to combat this Monster we call Bullying by bringing families together as often as possible to help them learn to foster positive friendships. We have learned that if we can change the mindset and behavior of the adults it’s much easier to reach the children.

We have just added an Equestrian Program H.O.R.S.E. (Helping Others Restart Self Empowerment) which is geared towards addressing the issues of victims of bullying and also the bully. All our programs and projects are designed to aid in the mental health issues that is of deep concern in our community and has devastated the family.

Services will be provided at no-cost to all individuals served. Emphasis will be directed to teaching families how to use their talents and skills to become self-sufficient and independent. The

whole purpose is to give and instill hope. Project E.R.’s mission is to embrace and restore the family through advocacy and family mentoring. We will use funds from grants and the public to offset the cost in order for us to provide fee free services. We

will initiate a “Paying it Forward Initiative” to encourage families to help others as we have helped them.

Project E.R. is incorporated as an Ohio Non-Profit LLC and a 501 (c)(3) status has been completed with the Internal Revenue Service.

Board of Directors Bios

Mary E. Wilson


Mary E. Wilson  is the CEO and Founder of Project ER, Inc which was conceived in order to carry on the legacy of her parents and younger sister.  She has been a lifetime resident of the Ironwood Area which adds up to over 60+ years.  She is a retired teacher and customer is a caregiver for her family.. Her background experience extends from neighborhood organizing to Bullying presentations.  Since 1986 the efforts that is put forth is her paying it forward and giving back to a neighborhood that has been so good to her.  The ultimate goal is to preserve the neighborhood and then work towards restoring it to something better, beautiful, pleasant and safe for the families who will be future generations of residents.  She believes that in strengthening the family structure you are preparing the foundation necessary to rid our society of the negative elements that plaque our communities and stunts positive constructive growth. Her parents believed that at “the end of  the day all we have is family.”  When it’s all said and done the goal for her is to do her part in Embracing and Restoring the Family.

Connie Smith-Lowe too is a former resident who still has her mother living in the neighborhood.  Connie experience is entertaining as she has traveled the world singing.  She spent several years in Japan sharing her talents and she shared that with her younger sister who followed in her footsteps until her passing.  She also has been given the gift to relate with children and creating positive programming for them.  She will be assisting with the operation of the recording Studio and its operations.

Connie Smith-Lowe

Christina Robinson Morrin

Christina Robinson-Morrin OH. They have been dating since 2007 and were married in 2018. We have 2 children together, Layla and Auggy. Dan has been involved in the local Entertainment and music scene for over 20 years around the Toledo Area. With experience in Music production and performance. Internet marketing and social media advertising. Also interned for KISS FM and Clear channel communications. Christina graduated from Genoa High School in 2007. She has a career in the low voltage electrical trade and has been doing it for over 10 years. She is based out of Local 8 IBEW Union Hall and has worked for Transtar Technologies for most of her career. As the Foreman of the job, I get to take the novice apprentices and teach them the way of the trade. That is definitely my favorite part about my job I get to teach something very useful to someone. I hope I can keep this going with my own community helping in whatever way is possible. We have lived in the Ironwood neighborhood of the East Side since 2012.

Mr. Dan Morrin has chosen the Ironwood Area to settle down in and raise his family and has been a resident for 9 years.  He has a background in music and has dedicated his time and talents in helping to upgrade the neighborhood and sharing his talents in our future Family Cultural Arts Center.  You can find him on You Tube showcasing his talent.  Dan has taken a special interest in the JD Carter Community Garden which is located in the heart of our neighborhood and put forth much time, energy and TLC to make sure that it yields only the best vegetables for the families that we serve.  Mr. Morrin not only sets an example but understands how important it is to be an example to the youth and children in the neighborhood. 

Dan Morrin

Maya Ruswinkle- Art Teacher- L Hollingsworth

Alex Hutchins- Historian

Charita Phillips – Chairman, Mental Health specialist.

Jonathan Ford

Jonathan is a young man who’s roots are in the Ironwood Area. He was raised in the neighborhood and has

seen the decline of the neighborhood since he’s been an adult. Jonathan made a decision to pay it forward and give back to the neighborhood that has made many wonderful memories for him. Jonathan has a strong music background and can be found on YouTube as

well. Him and his brother have established Icewater Entertainment and currently manage several upcoming local artists.

Thomas is a young man who has grown up in the neighborhood

and is a graduate of Waite High School. He is an upcoming entrepreneur who is the CEO of Glass City Productions. Thomas was a very active member of the Young Men of Excellence while attending Waite. He won 1st Place in the Rotary Club 4-Way Speech Writing

Contest which gained him great recognition amongst the membership. He currently attends the University of Toledo and has committed his time and talents to give back to the City of Toledo with a strong focus on East Toledo. He cares about the future generations

and helping them find their voice in our society. He is the youngest of our board and promises to bring new life, new energy, new vision and a great awakening to the future of our neighborhood.

Thomas Perkins

Please consider being a special someone in the life of a family. Help give a
family a fighting chance for a new beginning.

Levels of Family Sponsorship

$1-$99- Family Friend

$100-$499- Family Partner

$500+ Family Lifeline

All contributions are tax-deductible and sponsors will be listed

on our website projecterinc.org.
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