Bullying Prevention and Intervention

Project ER, Inc offers a Bullying program that offers education and raises awareness of the dangers of bullying.  Mr. Jeremy White is the inspiration for the program after his daughter committed suicide after being a victim of cyber-bullying.  Mr. White and his aunt Mrs. Mary Wilson offer presentations for children pre-school-high school.  Our program has age appropriate information as well as an adult program that allows parents to be able to recognize the signs of Bullying.  Mr. White and Mrs. Wilson puts special emphasis on teaching the “Power Of Your Words” and this message is for children as well as adults.  They are accompanied by Puck-A-Luck the Parrot who’s motto is “Be a Buddy Not a Bully”. He sings, dance and tells stories that allows the children to be a part of the presentation.  We sponsor school dances as a tool to help children with their mental health issues resulting from Bullying.  Puck-A-Luck’s ultimate goal is to bring our children together as often as possible to teach them how to foster positive friendships.  There is no cost for these services.

Ironwood Community Garden

The Ironwood Community Garden is an opportunity to educate families on the importance of good eating habits.  It allows them to be a major player in growing the food that they eat while learning about planting, growing, maintaining, cultivation and preparing.  The garden is a tool and catalyst that is use for mind enrichment and is encouraged for those who may be dealing with mental health issues.  We continue to bring families together with our efforts in order to help them foster positive friendships while giving them something to look forward to in the Fall when we celebrate with our Garden Party and Fish Fry in September.  Volunteers are always needed and welcomed.

Neighborhood Beatification

Project ER, Inc is dedicated to the beautification of the outer appearance of the Ironwood Area.  Several times a year volunteers comes together to rid the neighborhood of blight by cleaning and cutting vacant lots, abandoned property, and our neighborhood park. We serve the elder who are unable to care for their yards and keeping them maintained.  We are collaborating with the Youth Opportunity Program to provide employment opportunities for youth 14-24 each summer.  This is a great opportunity for teaching neighborhood pride as well as teaching skills of landscaping, lawn care equipment, maintenance of equipment, safety of equipment and care of equipment after use.  We offer a Bullying Presentation as part of the experience to assist in helping them to foster positive friendships while being introduced to the work force.  If your child would like to work they may contact the YMCA for more information.  Volunteers are also needed and welcomed. 

Rest for the Weary Bed Giveaway

  This project came about as Mr. White and Mrs. Wilson discovered during their presentation that many other issues surfaced out of the children which enlightened us to a need that needed help being met.  January 2020 we began giving several beds away to children who are going without.  We realized the importance of a good night sleep and how it can determine the outcome of your day.  Puck-A-Luck wants all children to be safe, comfortable and healthy and this is his way of paying it forward.

H.O.R.S.E Equestrian

H.O.R.S.E Equestrian Program-Project ER, Inc and H.O.R.S.E. (Helping Others Restart Self Empowerment) equestrian will team up to give our children the experience of a lifetime by introducing their minds, families and hidden hearts to the beauty of horses and their healing powers, This will be an opportunity for us to take them out of their current environment and enrich their minds with something new, refreshing and rewarding. Our equestrian program offers hands on activities with the horses while calming fears and building self-esteem. The children will learn disciple, teamwork, respect for themselves, each other and the horses while making lifelong precious memories. We are so thankful to have Ms. Sarah and Precious Seas Stables as neighbors and for sharing their gift with the families in our neighborhood.

Dance Classes

Hello I’m Passion Jones the founder of Toledo Dream Queens. TDQ was established in 2017. As a younger child I danced in a Eastside Community Dance Team called the “Classy Steppers”. I was instructed by a wonderful woman Mary Wilson. We

had a blast from building sisterhood to preparing us for the future. As I got older I had 2 younger children & I knew I wanted a positive life for them as I do for other young girls around the world so I decided to establish my own Dance Team. TDQ started

from a field in South Toledo. I then began to take it more serious & began marketing & promotion. I went to local schools, parks & stores to pass out flyers. From there I built a team of 30 girls I had problems with getting coaches, a dance location that was

suitable for the girls etc. I went threw multiple locations from failing of lack of help & personal issues. I reached out to multiple local organizations to get TDQ into dance competitions & dance performances. We’ve performed at multiple local events including

Midcity Football Half Time Games, Grace Community Center, EastSide Block Parties, Halloween Talent Show and many more. I have a Passion for helping children, building bonds, & being a positive role model to my team because you never know the past everyone

has a different story. I’m looking forward to rebuilding my team & become “Dance Sisters Of Toledo.”